Friday, June 9, 2017

Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Finished

This one turned out very well, except for the nose cone paint.
The picture on the right was taken before the wrinkled nose cone paint was sanded smooth.

My favorites are now two foot tall, BT-60 based rockets that could easily fly with a C6-3 through E engines.
The BT-60 is still a fairly strong body tube. BT-70 and 80 tubes feel flimsy to me.


  1. Nice build Chris. Maybe I should start my three stage STM-012 kit bash.

  2. Looks great. A lot better than the Estes STM-012. I think most what I'm not thrilled about with the Estes STM-012 resolve around color and decals, not the design of the rocket itself.

  3. My thoughts on the STM-012 face card paint scheme are in line with yours Elsa - a solid mil-spec green with an orange nose scheme is the plan for my STM on the build pile. Chris's blog is a great inspiration for those of us without much of an artistic eye!

  4. Hey Chris,
    Nice job, as usual. This kitbash is just begging to be staged.
    Agree on the BT-70 and 80 tubes: same thickness as the BT-55, and even the BT-101. More robust alternatives are available, such as the BTH-70 and 80 tubes from Semroc/erockets, and the Aerotech/LOC 2.2" and 2.6" tubes. Or should I say airframes, like a true MPR/HPR builder (holding my nose high up in the air)?

    Just kidding! Cheers!