Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Photon Probe Comparisons

I finally got the decals on the second Photon Probe model.
The orange one is an older kit, the purple is the newer version form the Estes Classics Series.
Moot point - 
The long vertical decal with the kit name are different. The older kit was transparent under the name allowing the (orange) contrast color to show through. On the newer (purple) model the name had a white background. Graphically it isn't as effective.
Notice too the decal above the word "Probe". The reissue kit didn't have that decal.

I usually start a roll pattern decal on the launch lug side. If the decal wrap is short or long, the different widths won't be visible when the model is on the launcher with the rod a launch lug to the back.

On the older orange version, placing the start of the wrap decal at the launch lug put the open inverted "U" centered over the fins. On the new version the decal start placed the bottom of the "U" over the fins.
The differences in this lower wrap are consistent with the face card pictures in the two kits.

These observations are not complaints, just noticed differences between two versions of the same kit.

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