Monday, June 5, 2017

RED MAX Family on Ebay

I've listed the three Red Max builds together on Ebay - CLICK HERE
This auction includes all three - the standard BT-60, BT-50 Estes kits and BT-5 versions.
The BT-5 model is the carded, 13mm rocket.

Stop by, make a bid and support the blog!


  1. I need to get the file for the carded one from you, and the airframe and nose cone from somewhere. One would look awesome next to my MDRM.

    1. Hi Metal,
      Just email me at and request the Red Max PDF. I'll also add some others to the mailing. All you need is the print, thin cardboard, a "Quark' style plastic nose cone, 3" of BT-5 and a short launch lug.

  2. Hey Metalhead,
    According to John Brohm's nose cone reference, the Quark used a PNC-5A nose cone. And according to YORP, this is a non standard cone. If you don't have anything close lying in your parts bin, the closest I could find currently are the BNC-5AX from BMS, and the SEM-BC-522 from erockets. Also, erockets has a 3" bt-5 (SEM-ST-530). Or you can order a longer "airframe" and save the rest for future builds. BTW LPR guys say tube, MPR/HPR guys say airframe. The fin cores can be cut from a cereal box, or anything close you happen to have.
    How do you like your MDRM? Isn't it awesome? Our club honcho launched one with dual deploy and an H motor a couple of months ago. Unforgettable!