Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Decides?

I've been asked this before - who decides what model gets built on the blog?

There's a LOT of factors here.
1. I check the build pile. Usually I'll build two at the same time, one to keep and one I might sell on Ebay.
2. Sometimes I receive a build kit from a client. If it is interesting to the readers I'll do the build on the blog after getting permission from the customer.
3. The build might have some historical significance. It could be a re-issued kit. I try to build things that are still available for sale. Building a Centuri/Estes 1/100 scale Saturn 1B would be more valuable to the readers if they could still buy the kit for a reasonable price and build along with the blog.
4. Kit bashes are great when made from all those Estes clearance kits.
5. Sometimes a build might be one of my Odd'l Rockets kits.
6. I have done posts about launchers, controllers and older accessories. You never know what might show up on Ebay or a garage sale.
7. If I go to a club launch, I'll do a post highlighting interesting models. I've had club members ask if I'll post a picture of their RTF or ARTF rockets. The blog is about model rocket building. There isn't much interest in a Ready To Fly rocket for a builder.
8. Someday I'll win an auction for a Vashon Valkyrie 2, the first rocket I ever owned in 1969. Ebay prices go higher than I'll ever pay. It'll be built on the blog and shared with readers. (You gotta' have dreams!)

How many posts per day?
I would like to do two posts per day, with an average of four pictures per post. Picture in picture are actually two pictures. If a post has the equivalent of six pictures there may only be one post that day. All photographs are cropped and edited for brightness and contrast. New blog headers take an hour or so to put together.

Time is a big factor. Right now Model rocketry is my full time job. I take time each day for blog posts, email correspondence, model building, kit design and production.

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