Thursday, June 22, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 20, RCS Housing and Nozzles

The RCS nozzles housings are small and slippery, no alignment pins!
Do your best to line up the sides and brush some glue on the outside joints.

On the left is before sanding the sides flat.
The inset shows the top seam is almost gone. The corners still need to be sanded.

On the sides stay away from the nozzle pins.

This is the RCS housing ready for the nozzles to be glued on.

There are 16 nozzles so set up an assembly line.
Glue on one nozzle, while that dries move on to the second RCS housing. By the time you've glued on the fourth nozzle on the last housing the glue should be dried on the first one.


  1. This is looking very nice! I meant to ask you earlier about which glue you used to hold the wood spar inside the fin. I'm guessing thin CA?

  2. Hi Eddie,
    Well, I haven't got there yet! I've been busy doing Odd'l orders and designing some things so I'm behind on this build. Normally I stay about 10 posts ahead in draft form. I better get busy!