Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 6, Wrap Adhesion

On the Rocketry Forum build thread James Duffy used the 3M High Strength 90 adhesive, George Gassaway used the 3m Type 77 adhesive.
I wanted to make the right choice, you only have one shot to get the wrap on.
I had a can of the 3M General Purpose 45 adhesive. This product is for lighter use like photo adhesion and craft products, not for rocketry.
I went to the 3M website to get more information. The website showed the Type 90 adhesive used in construction, one picture showing counter top adhesion. I wanted something that might allow a lift and re-position before it was stuck for good. I picked up a can of Scotch Super 77, the mid grade adhesive.

The can instructions lead you to think you've only got 10 seconds to position the glued pieces. Reading it again you see it says 10 seconds to 30 minutes. I hope that means you have 30 minutes to pull up the wrap and reposition it before the final grab.
That's what I hate about "one shots". You won't know until you're in the middle of it, working against the clock.

I should note, this can did not look like the products pictured in the Rocketry Forum build thread. This can was from Michael's Crafts and was labeled "Scotch". Look to the right of the circle and there is a 3M logo.

To mask off the body tube, I did a simple copy paper wrap above the upper card stock strip. Another piece of paper was rolled inside the rear of the tube to mask the inside.

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