Friday, June 16, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 11, Engine Mount

Hoo boy Estes! Another confusing instruction drawing.
Look where the  2 1/4" mark is and the knife slit for the top bend of the engine hook. Way to far forward.
The drawing immediately below it is closer to the truth.
TIP: I'm marking my engine mount tubes differently now. All the marks are not in line. The lower centering ring line and 1" mark for the bottom of the retainer ring aren't in line with the engine hook slot.

Why? When the engine hook is placed it will cover up the other positioning marks on the tube. That only took 48 years of rocket building to figure out.

TIP: Before applying any glue for the retaining ring, plan ahead.
The ring is set on the tube, way above it's final position. Apply a ring of glue near the top (to the right) of the ring's final position.

When the ring is slid down it will more evenly distribute the glue underneath with very little to clean up at the bottom.


  1. Don't feel alone. I recently figured out that I need to cut the engine hook slot to the side of my centerline mark (instead of on top of it) so I can get the hook perfectly lined up.

    1. Hi Lonnie,
      Yep, I've done that before! After the engine mount is glued up you realize the engine hook is a bit crooked.

  2. On my last round of builds I've used the appropriate Estes tube marking/cutting guide to draw completely around the engine tube at my tick marks. It might seem overkill, but I like it; it also makes perfect alignment of the centering rings perfectly easy.
    I also draw lines down the length of the engine tube with Al angle, it makes it easy to assure engine hook alignment.

    1. Hi Overeasy,
      Using the cutting guides would work well to mark a line around the tube. I don't own those tho - I do have and use an aluminum angle in every build.