Friday, June 2, 2017

Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Part 3, Tubes

I had to get rid of the slotted tubing, the slots wouldn't fit the new fins anyway.

The Madcow Pike is 28.9" tall.
With the STM-012 nose cone at 8.4" long I figured I'd need about 20 1/2" of BT-60.
This length would be pieced from the two 18" long STM-012 kit tubes.
The lower tube ended up at 14 5/8" long.
The upper tube will end up being a payload section at 7 1/4". I set the nose cone and coupler beside the tube to check the payload capacity length. Making the payload section longer, the Spike design will be a bit taller than the Madcow design.
That red coupler is 4" long, probably longer than it needs to be. 1/2" was cut off. Keep this ring, it'll be used later.

The engine mount went together as normal. I did my standard replaceable Kevlar mount with the guide tube on the side.

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