Sunday, June 4, 2017

Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Part 5, Coupler Bulkhead

The bulkhead plate will be glued to the top of the coupler so when the ejection charge fires the shock cord will be pulling down. There will be no chance of it pulling off if the glued bulkhead is is on the top.

Apply a good bead of glue to the top edge. Press on the disk and turn to form an even fillet bead on the inside.

After the glue dries trim off the coupler edge with a single edge razor blade. Get it close to the outside diameter of the coupler.

Sand the bulkhead disk even with the sides of the coupler with 220 grit on a block.

Before gluing the coupler into the upper payload tube, tie on a length of shock cord to attach to the nose cone. This additional shock cord will prevent losing your nose cone and gives you something to attach an altimeter to.


  1. Very ingenious on both counts. I had been gluing my bulkheads on the bottom of the coupler per kit instructions, but I can see where gluing it to the top will minimize bulkhead separation from the coupler. Likewise tethering the nose cone instead of just friction fitting will minimize loos of the cone.
    I never cease to be amazed by the wealth of tips in this blog. Chris, which do you feel more proficient in: building rockets or playing the banjo? How about posting a video for our edification? What do you think, guys?

    1. P.S. that's loss not loos.

    2. Hi BAR,
      I'm glad that coupler bulkhead post helps out. I've lost a few payload nosecones in the past, this solves that problem.
      Right now I feel I'm a better rocket builder than an entertainer. The cruise ships don't hire as often because they feel I'm too old to work the ships! (I refuse to color my hair or get a hair transplant) If you want to see a short video -

    3. Shame on them! I know that if I was a passenger I'd prefer to see an entertainer more my age than some wet nosed pop star wannabee. At least our hobby keeps us young, so keep on rock(ateer)in'!