Monday, June 26, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 24, Fin Gluing

I used 15 minute epoxy to glue the fin spar inside the fin.

NOTE: When you press the fin onto the spar, double check the leading edge of the fin to be sure it doesn't split open! One of my fins did split right down the seam. If the spar is too wide, wipe off the epoxy and sand it thinner. Work quickly, the epoxy in the fin is probably starting to set up!
If you feel like you are forcing the fin onto the spar, chances are it needs to be tapered thinner or shorter by sanding with 220 on a block.

Two fins were glued on opposite each other.
The front and rear were held in place with wide rubber bands while the epoxy set up.

The rear centering ring is still not glued in place!
That spray adhesive from the back of the wrap can show up everywhere if you aren't careful! After some handling, dirt showed where it still remained on the corrugated wrap.

TIP: When removing paint or glue, always start with the lightest solvent you have then move up to stronger solvents. Before using any Goo-Gone, I tried a Magic Eraser. I was concerned any strong solvent might effect the plastic wrap.
The damp eraser did remove the adhesive!

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