Saturday, June 10, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II, Background

Here's the Little Joe I remembered wanting. The BIG 1/45 Scale Little Joe II from the 1969 Centuri catalog. To see the catalog, CLICK HERE
But $12.95? All I could afford was the smaller 1/100th scale Little Joe II.

The fin fairings and some trim was vacuum formed. They were lightweight but fragile, much like the Centuri Saturn V fins and fairings incorporated into the Estes re-issue Saturn V kits.

The "metalized" wrap was pre-installed at the factory.
To see the original Centuri instructions: CLICK HERE

The body and capsule came down separately on two 24" parachutes. A three engine cluster. The recommended engines included three A8-3s!
The Estes reissue capsule and tower used the molds from the original Centuri kit.

According to the Vol. 3, #1 issue of the Centuri American Rocketeer, Centuri used some scale data from Al Kirchner's 1/30 scale model.
To see that issue, CLICK HERE

I'll be using a lot of construction tips from from the TRF builds of James Duffy and George Gassaway: CLICK HERE


  1. I greatly anticipate following this build!
    See my latest blog entry.

    1. Hi Ed,
      I just checked your blog entry. Sad to see the second flight was the last one. The Centuri original was a much harder build than the Estes re-issue. My two engine Estes Gemini Titan only had one engine light and it hit the ground hard! First and only flight.

  2. Hurts even more when its a nice looking scaler....