Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 7, Wrap Adhesion

Small rolls of tape with the sticky side out held the wrap onto a piece of cardboard for spraying.

I don't mean to insult anybody's intelligence, but be sure you have the underside of the wrap facing up before using the spray adhesive. It could happen and you'd never be able to remove the adhesive from the corrugations.

James Duffy explained that the High Strength 90 adhesive sprayed with a splatter, looking like webbing. The Super 77 I used splattered a bit but the coat looked smooth.
I chose to spray both surfaces, the tube and the back of the wrap. I didn't wait long to apply the wrap. It did stick very well but did allow it to be lifted and re-aligned.
The end joint seam almost met up. The thickness of the spray adhesive did increase the outside diameter a bit. Not bad, but not a perfect butt-joint end. It'll be covered by the long tunnel anyway.

Everything was down but after a while the ends started to lift. I'll have to get a small drop on CA glue under the wrap ends and burnish.

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