Sunday, June 11, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 2, More Parts

Many of the kit parts are exclusive to this kit only. I'll show a little more about the components than a single picture.

On the side of the box, Estes gave credit to the original Centuri kit. They never mentioned Centuri in the Mercury Redstone and Saturn V reissues.
Okay, here we go with many parts of interest:
The large vacu-form body wrap.
Upper right is one of the dry fitted nozzles. Below that another dry fit of a fin.
Six (count 'em six) clay weights. Each clay pat weighs .25 oz.

The slightly oversize wrap support ring, Part H.
Two molded Launch lugs.
On the bottom is the cover tunnels and longerons.
The inset shows the capsule shock cord attachment.

All the capsule parts were made from the original Centuri molds.
The escape tower tube is slightly larger than a BT-5 diameter.

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