Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Seam Filling Article in Apogee Peak Of Flight

I have a new article in the current Apogee Peak of Flight newsletter.
This time it's about Seam Filling on body tubes, launch lugs and plastic nose cones.

On the forums, builders have written about multiple applications of filler on body tube seams. My method is one pass with Carpenter's Wood Filler and sanding then one coat of primer/filler and sanding. Photos show a different way to direct the filler into the body tube seams.
To see the article, CLICK HERE


  1. Good article; I'll probably point folks to that when they ask about filling spirals in the future.

    I think the only area where I've diverged from your technique (and it's a minor point) is in the application of the CWF to the spirals. After struggling with the knife blade technique (it looks like it works great for you but somehow I can't seem to get the hang of it), chopsticks, and various squeegee techniques, I eventually resorted to using my good old index finger. This enables me to apply and squeegee with the same tool, and I probably go at least twice as fast as before now. The water-based, non-toxic nature of the CWF is a key enabler here.

    This technique has been working so well for me that I don't even dread filling spirals anymore. :)

  2. Good article...I must try your method. Up until now, I've been using a piece of plastic cut from an old debit card to apply the CWF in the seams. I've also been using the filler at full strength. I like your method of working the filler in with a "Sword Of Exact Zero" (Ref. - The LEGO Movie)