Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Booster 55 Rocket Build, Part 4, Launch Lug and Standoff

The rear engine locking ring is wider than the BT-55 above it.

The 3/16" launch lug will require a standoff so the launch rod will clear it. This rocket can use 24mm engines so I used the larger 3/16" lug.

I used a small dowel for the standoff.
It reminds me of the old Estes C-Rail standoffs. (The old-timers will know what I mean.) 
The bottom of the dowel was sanded flat for a little more gluing area on the tube.

The tube and nose cone were already hit with filler/primer.

I scraped off the primer where the lug standoff will be glued.
TIP: Try scraping with the back side of the knife blade. You won't dull the sharp cutting side.

Here's the finished lug with standoff.
Fillets of Titebond No-Run, No-Drip glue followed.

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