Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 40, Finally - Paint!

I did wait a few more days to be sure the gloss white was dry.
I thought this would be an easy second color, a simple mask around the body, right above the top of the corrugated wrap.

Scotch tape was set down. The inset picture shows the edge being burnished with a Q-tip.
Above that is brown masking tape and a wrap of copy paper.

Before spraying on the aluminum paint the entire lower body was brushed off using a 1" wide chip brush.
I don't use tack cloths. They can leave a sticky residue, especially when new.

Here's where I hit a snag.
When the small detail pieces were glued on I did touch some liquid plastic glue on the sides. Not completely around the edges but just here and there.
The liquid glue almost disappears - but when paint was sprayed on those glue coat areas wrinkled the paint.
I had to go back and lightly sand. Spray and sand again. With each coat of sanded aluminum the wrinkles got smaller and smaller.
Aluminum spray paint is usually easy. It goes on smooth and quickly dries.

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