Thursday, July 20, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 42, Vertical UNITED STATES Decal

This was another decal I was concerned about, trying to to get it evenly into the corrugations. I thought this was mentioned in the TRF builds - I cut the line right below the "T" in STATES where it goes over the raised band.
On the right is how I cut the second decal tapering the clear area to the bottom of the T. This taper cut helps the decal fit into the end of the corrugation above the ridge separation.

Look close and you can see pencil lines for a center line. One raised corrugation runs right through the center making it easy to line up the "I"s and "T"s.

The thin clear coat made it difficult to apply the large wrap. On this decal the thin surface made it easier to conform to the corrugations.

TIP: Wet a Q-tip and roll it into a rounded point. This got into the corrugations easier than a brush could.
The Is and Ts were lined up on the center raised corrugation. I started running the pointed Q-tip in the adjacent rut from the center to the top, then center to the bottom.

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