Monday, July 3, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 28, Nozzle Paint Fix

Normally I'd use a strip of clear Scotch tape to mask but it wouldn't stay down around the contour of the nozzle. I thought brown tap could work because of the raised lip around the low end.
Here's an example of how the mask looked on just one of the nozzles.

I used a knife blade to lightly scrape and push back the black paint. this helped define the mask but still wasn't clean.
TIP: I used a "Ultra Fine Point" Sharpie to draw a black line along the lip. Carefully set the small tip into the rut and draw for about 3/8". Lift the pen, rotate the nozzle and continue all the way around.

TIP: This is the same technique I used on the difficult Estes Saturn V roll pattern masks. Before masking, the edges of the black areas were drawn with a fine point Sharpie and a straightedge. Then use tape and spray.
With the Sharpie line already drawn any overspray or rough mask line won't show next to the line already on the model.

The extra fine Sharpie tips can dry out quickly. Draw a bit then rotate the tip on some scrap paper. Just keep the ink flowing.
When you draw over a painted surface the tips can clog up.

Here's the before and after.
I can live with this.

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