Saturday, July 1, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Build, Part 27, Paint Stuff

The small bottom end of the nozzles are left white.
Scotch tape wouldn't conform to the curve so I used brown masking tape. There is a ridge molded into the nozzle so I should get a good seal.
On the right is the tape after burnishing down the wrinkles.
EDIT: This didn't work very well - I don't recommend using brown masking tape for this. A solution is coming up in following posts.

The escape tower nozzles are black.
It's hard to get spray paint all the way into the nozzles so a Sharpie was used to get some black farther in.

The gloss white paint showed up as a rougher flat finish on the command module plastic.
I did three coats in total lightly sanding between coats to get a better gloss finish so the decals would adhere.

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