Friday, July 28, 2017

Estes Nemesis #2175 Build, Part 2, Engine Mount

I've got no internet wi-fi at home! So, I'm having coffee and internet at McDonald's this morning.
At home the internet has been spotty over the past week and now it doesn't come up at all. I'll do my best to keep blog posts coming.

The instructions don't say to but I notched the inside of the centering rings to clear the engine hook.

Around the inside edge was a turned over "burr" that would make it very hard to fit over the engine mount tube.
TIP: Instead of doing a peel to widen the inside diameter, sometimes you can roll the burr down with the back end of a Sharpie pen or smooth dowel.

The engine mount was assembled dry - no glue.
The finger tab was cut off and the hook flipped over so the upper end was now at the bottom of the mount.

Try this next time - 
TIP: Slide the centering rings on dry, into position with no glue. Then apply glue fillets to hold them in place. Instead of applying a ring of glue and sliding the ring into it, you'll have more time to make adjustments if the glue is applied afterwards.

Notice the back end of the thin blue engine mount tube. Because the blue tubes are a bit thin, the exposed end was strengthened with a wipe of medium CA glue, inside and out.

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