Thursday, July 27, 2017

Booster 55 Rocket Build, Finished

Sometimes less is more.
It's a classy looking model with just enough gold trim.
This is an example of what I've mentioned before - two major colors and a third color for trim.

I added one wrap around the top of the roll pattern. Placing the roll pattern high makes the model seem taller.

The fin can is epoxied in the body tube with the lug centered between two fins.
Usually I won't do a tri-fold mount but there wasn't anywhere to attach the Kevlar line. A long 1/4" wide rubber shock cord was glued into the mount.
A 12' Odd'l parachute rounds out the build.

While I could launch this with a D12-7, I'll probably end up using C engines and a 20/50 adapter.


  1. Or maybe a fat C? Nice build on a shoestring budget. Reminds me, maybe I should check my parts bin. Maybe something is just waiting to be cobbled together. Laters.

    1. Hi BAR,
      I didn't even think of a C11! That's a great idea and I might get it back. I've only bought one package of C11 engines back when I needed an "11" number for my EMRR Elevate 11 entry.

    2. Wow, that is one over the top rocket! Do you still have it, and did you do any more launches with it? Maybe add a centering ring "platform" to keep the recovery devices from sliding back down? Far out!

    3. Hi BAR,
      I still have it, I haven't done any other launches with it. I should add a centering ring parachute shelf. When it was built I didn't know those even existed, I never saw one in any kit except for the TLP and Q Modeling rockets.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lonnie!
      Hope to see you at the August ROCK launch, I have some stuff for you -

    2. Chris - I am curious why the old tri fold mounts are not used as much lately? I have been using them since the 1970's without any issues other then shock cords losing their bungee with age. (I use the sewing elastic)

    3. Hi Moontana,
      I've just never cared for them. On BT-50 and BT-20 rockets they can block the ejection of the parachute. I've had a few get caught up under the tick tri-fold before. Estes even uses them in the BT-5 models. (You don't see many BT-5 based mini-rockets any more)
      When I use a tri-fold, here's how I glue it flatter:
      On BT-60 and larger models I sometimes use the Centuri method of using a short body tube segment glued where the tri-fold would go.