Saturday, July 22, 2017

Estes Apollo Little Joe II Finished!

On the left is the removable for flight engine nozzle plate.

Here's another one I can cross off my list! I wanted this kit when Centuri produced it the first time around.
The wrap decals are thin and tricky.

A very impressive model when finished. Thanks to Estes for bringing this one back!


  1. Hey Chris,
    Great job! Picked up a few building tips. Puts my LJII clone to shame. Laters.

    1. Hi BAR,
      I always give great credit to anybody who has gone to the effort to clone an OOP kit. You'll learn more about history and construction by doing it on your own. Taking on a Little Joe II clone is a big project - Good for you!

  2. Excellent job Chris! I've really enjoyed building this kit. It's such a good model and you can tell Estes really did a wonderful job engineering it.

    1. Thanks Eddie,
      Estes did do a good job on the engineering. The new plastic parts fit so well compared to what I assembled back in the 1960s. My only concerns were the thin wrap decals and how much weight was added to the nose because of all the added plastic in the back. I wonder how many have had problems with the vague glue recommendations.

  3. Holy Shnikeys !!! This build came out beautiful. You did a bang-up job on this one. Outstanding!
    Are you planning on flying this one? Would love to see some liftoff photos.
    I've definitely put one of these kits (and your tutorial)on my 'Near-future-build-list'. Thanks for going to the effort of posting this monumental build!