Friday, July 14, 2017

Small Spray Booths

I received a catalog from a company called "Whatever Works".
On the back cover was a small pop-up tent for spray painting.

"This three-sided enclosure lets you paint or stain without worrying about over spray drift. Protects not only your room but your painted items as they dry. Bottom skirt keeps your work area clean."

To see the item: CLICK HERE

The picture shows a lamp being sprayed indoors without any protective breathing mask. There isn't any filter or fan taking the over spray out of the room - not recommended. But for some builders wanting more control this might be a good outside solution.
For that matter, any cheap or old pop-up tent could do the job. That white tent wouldn't stay white for long!


  1. Looks kinda useless without positive forced ventilation: the fumes would quickly spread out of the tent with the kind of spraying I do.
    Coincidentally, the Rocket Noob is building an indoor spraying booth on his website. Much larger, it gives me a few ideas. Laters.

  2. I saw a DIY one on a craft website that was just a PVC frame with plastic over the *entire* thing. In the middle of the room. Without even an open window.

    Of course, since the PVC frame was basically a sealed plastic box, I guess there's no point in opening a window.

    After a couple projects in that booth, you probably won't worry too much about how good your paint looks!