Saturday, July 22, 2017

Booster 55 Rocket Build, Part 1, Parts

This should be an easier one but still interesting. I'll be adapting the plastic 55 Booster to a 55 tube.
It's a very inexpensive build made from clearance kit parts, leftovers and a free nose cone from Apogee.

The parts:
A BT-55 stolen from an Estes clearance Monarch kit.
The nose cone is a new 55 size from Apogee.
The 3/16" launch lug will need a standoff, there's a small dowel next to it.
An Odd'l Rocket parachute (what else?)
Rubber shock cord from a Little Joe II kit.
The BT-55 Booster picked up for a dollar at Hobby Lobby.

The 55 Booster is assembled. You won't need the upper adapter ring.

At the top is a length of BT-55 and will have to be removed.
Score through the tube and peel it off.

The tube was glued on pretty well

Notice the duct "funnel" that directs the booster engine flame into the upper stage engine.

It took a few minutes of sanding to clean off the shoulder and get a slip fit into the BT-55 tube.


  1. This seems like a popular idea. I'm working on a Hornet XL using one of these and parts from the Designer's Special.

    1. I was thinking of trying 20' of Caution tape as a streamer. Most references say this rocket would be too heavy for streamer recovery, but I've found a few D-Motor models of a similar size and weight with streamer recovery in various catalogs.

    2. Hi Christopher,
      I never thought about really long streamers until I saw a few at club launches. I think they referred to them as "corn field streamers" for those who launch in corn fields. The long streamers drape over the tall corn stalks so you can find you model. They look great when descending. A 20' length would probably work fine.