Saturday, July 1, 2017

Estes Booster 55, Part 1

I've read on the forums that Hobby Lobby is blowing out the Estes Booster 55 and Booster 60s for $.99. The Hobby Lobby I go to (for engines with the 40% off coupon) have them at the regular retail price of $7.99.
Today I was on the other side of town and stopped by a different Hobby Lobby store. There was one Booster 55 left. And for $.99 cents I couldn't pass it up!

When I cut through the tape at the top I thought something was missing. They could have packed the parts in a box half this size!
Here's what you get - 
A plastic tube with a BT-55 set into the top. The plastic low end has keyed slots for the root edge attachment.

Four Nike Smoke shaped fins.
A locking ring for the bottom and a locking ring for the upper stage rocket. The upper locking ring (called a "Stager" online) replaces the engine locking ring on the upper stage rocket.


  1. I have a couple or three of these in both sizes - haven't had a chance to use them yet. For what it's worth the box is the perfect size to hold the assembled booster. Still considering using one as a fin can for a partial scratch build. At a buck a piece why not?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      If I run across another Booster 55 or 60 for a clearance price I'll get another. I was impressed by the design, and like you would probably use it for a fin can on a single stage model.