Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Quest Striker AGM, Finished

In the fin picture above I added a black line above the tail cone along the edge of the body tube.

There are concerns with the kit - fin root edge fit on the plastic tail cone, engine mount adjustments and plastic nose cone mold problems.

I didn't mention the Quest parachute. It was one of the yellow and red 14" chutes with the crispy plastic. The chute is six-sided and pre-cut but the cut was off. The printed design and pre-punched shroud line tie holes were way off. The parachute is still usable, it just doesn't look right.

I liked this design the first time around and didn't mind building a new second variant. I hope to have this one as part of the active flying fleet for some time.


  1. Geeze, Chris, I mean, I guess...if you like your models to look like one-piece plastic, straight as an arrow, and with a perfect finish. Then, I guess your Striker AGM looks...urmmm...okay. :P