Friday, October 26, 2018

Semroc Snake Jumper Build, Part 6, Fin Gluing and Gussets

The side rudders sere glued onto the wing halves using my 2" machine square. This insures a perfect right angle. Notice the wing is set into the top of the gusset.

Here's the model up to this point. It's an interesting sport "profile" fin design.

On the left is the Semroc instructions. The suggested gusset position didn't seem like it gave the best support for the wings.
On the right is the old Centuri instructions. The flat side of the gussets are glued onto the wing with the narrow root edge against the body tube.

Here's how I glued on the wing gussets, Centuri style. To me it seemed like a stronger joint.

A dowel and engine casing has been slipped into the engine mount. A paper towel is rolled and pushed into the engine mount to keep the spray paint out.

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