Saturday, October 20, 2018

Upcoming Estes Releases -

On TRF, Turbofireball posted this:

My local hobby shop showed me this info today regarding new Estes kits:
EST-0865 Mini Mean Machine Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 1) $14.99 
EST-1250 Interceptor Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 2) (Re-Issue) $29.99 
EST-1329 Multi-Roc Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 3) $22.99 
EST-1969 Saturn V Model Rocket Kit w/Bonus (Skill Level 4) $89.99 
EST-7255 Little Joe I Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 3) $32.99 
EST-7276 Checkmate 2-Stage Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 1) $12.99 
EST-7277 Galaxy Glow Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level E2X) $14.99 

"They did not have info yet on what months they would be released, although they expected to receive Little Joe 1's shortly, since Estes now shows them available. The info also confirms Dean Fox's #1969 for the Saturn V. The big surprise was the Interceptor, as that kit didn't make it to the 2018 catalog."

All of these were shown in the 2018 print catalog, but some not  available yet.
The big news is the re-release of the Interceptor!
Here's a link to the blog build: CLICK HERE


  1. Nice to see the Interceptor is back. Nosecone and body tube would be useful for re-creating another OOP kit like the Vindicator.
    I did pick up several of the Shuttle Xpress kits just to get the nosecone -- which should be useful in re-creating models like the Grey Hawk and Interceptor II.
    One thing I've noticed is that the wings on the Interceptor II kit appear to be similar in shape to the ones found on the Vindicator.
    For those interested in "jet fighter" type models, the now OOP Screaming Eagle (basically a F-15) nosecone would be useful item. It is one the nosecones found in the "sci-fi nosecone set".
    A nosecone that I'm keeping an eye out for is the PNC-50SP. Another type of nosecone that I'm also keeping an eye out for "ramjet" style found on the kits like the Teros ( ).

    1. Naoto, you should check out the "Moldin' Oldies" section of Sirius Rocketry. They have polyurethane replicas of OOP nose cones including the PNC-50SP. I've cloned the Starship Nova, Alien Explorer, Sidewinder, Recruiter, HoJo, Scud, and Space Transporter America using those nose cones and nozzles. In the build pile, a BT-60 Gemini Titan and a Vindicator.