Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 11, Shroud Assembly Gluing

The ring was slid over (no glue) a tube for support.
I sanded a very slight angle into the ring edge so there wouldn't be a bump where the edge contacted the shroud. The sanding only knocks off the vertical inside corner.

The ring is glued into the base of the shroud. It ended up with a slight recess which allowed a light glue fillet.

TIP: On a card stock shroud use very little glue. Too much and it can soak in and deform the final shape!

I'm still not gluing the adapter on the tube yet. Here it is slid over the smaller tube for support while I fill the joint with a line of CWF.

The other thin ring is glued inside the main body tube.
I should be even with the top edge of the tube. After the glue dried it was sanded flat with a sanding block.

The interior tube is glued in first, locking over the upper spoked centering ring edge.

The adapter is then glued in place, slid down over the top. Again - not much glue is needed on a thin card stock shroud.

TIP: While the shroud edges are still wet with glue, you can roll a burnisher (white Sharpie barrel or clean smooth dowel) over the edge. Before the glue dries, the wet card stock can be molded a bit to better match the tube edge.

This picture was taken as an example after the glued shroud edge had dried and filler/primer was shot. 

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