Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 12, Filler / Primer

Here's the main body after a shot of the Duplicolor Filler/Primer, before sanding.
The primary tube seam has been filled, but this tube has a second recess seam under the clear glassiene wrap. Most all of this second recess should be filled with the filler/primer.

The fins were taped down to a sheet of cardboard for their shot of filler/primer.
Note the TTW tabs are covered with tape for a clean gluing edge. The root edges are also covered.
Here's one fin before and after sanding the filler/primer with 400 grit.

On the left, notice the card stock edge slightly overlaps the root edge balsa piece to better fit the curve of the body tube.

The second picture shows the sanded trailing edges. You can see the tabs showing through with most of the filler sanded off.

The shroud seam was smoothed.

There is a problem with my shroud. The top diameter fit is perfect, but the lower, larger end is a bit too small! At the seam bulge it extends outside the lower tube. I may have to do some filling and "feathering" later on.

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