Monday, November 11, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 17, Trim and Decals

I won't be going into much detail about the capsule and tower assembly, it has been covered before.
You should refer to the old Centuri instructions - build it upside down from the narrower end down going up.
To see that instruction post: CLICK HERE

The bottom raised "ring" on the capsule is red. I sprayed the capsule black, then scraped off the paint to show the red plastic underneath.
TIP: Note I'm scraping using the back, dull side of the knife blade. In some instances  - Why dull up the sharp side when you can do the same job with the flat back of the blade.
To brighten the hue, more red paint was carefully added with a brush. This red strip could also be a thin ring of trim Monokote or red vinyl.

The tall stenciled UNITED STATES decal goes down the body on opposite sides.
Sight down from the rear for straightness and centering between the two facing fins.

The bolt ring decal is applied at the top of the shroud.
TIP: This decal is thin and long. Cut it in two and apply the pieces one at a time. As always, I started the decal at the "back" in line with the launch lugs. If the spacing happened to be off you wouldn't see it when slid down the launch rod. I set my rockets on the launcher with the lugs to the back for better pictures.

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