Thursday, November 7, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 13, Nozzles & Fin Fitting

I didn't use tube cement.
The two halves were held together and liquid cement was brushed on the inside seam.

The nozzles then snap into the motor housings. It takes a good push to seat them. Be sure to line up the notch so the nozzle angle is correct.
The tab on the base fits into the rectangle cut into the low centering ring.

All the nozzles and housings were set down on tape for a spray of flat black.

A fin was slid into the slot and the root edge traced with a pencil.

The remaining filler/primer was sanded down to the tube for a better gluing edge. The sanding went a little outside the pencil line for the fillet.

Three of the fins fit tight against the body tube, the fourth fin had a little gap along the root edge. This happens occasionally with TTW fins. You just have to sand the tab a bit, where it butts up against the engine mount tube.

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