Sunday, November 17, 2019

Estes Space Corps Corvette Class, #7281 Build, Part 5, Details Gluing & Masking

The fin detail lugs are easy to glue on crooked. Look at them directly from the outside to be sure they are straight on the edge of the fin.

The dowel "guns" are sprayed gloss red off the model. It's simply easier to paint them before to save some masking later.
The centers have tape over them to keep paint off the glued surfaces.
The body is a light gray, the three fins and nose cone are a darker gray.

I did my usual Scotch tape masks on the edge with masking tape and a plastic grocery bag to cover the rest. The corners at the upper edge are rounded off.

On the right is the mask reveal. Notice the tape is pulled back down and over itself at a sharp angle. I like to pull the masking tape when the paint is still a bit tacky, not fully dry. It makes for less tearing of the mask line.

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