Monday, November 4, 2019

Tools - The Essentials, Hole Punches

The rotary punch is one of the handiest tools I own. These are normally used to punch holes in leather belts.

Spin the spoke to pick the right diameter. On the right is a typical punch for an engine hook. You can also use this to punch small hole for altimeter vents. But, you are limited how far down the tube you can place the holes.

TIP: Don't just blindly punch a hole. Set the punch at the hole location and lightly squeeze the handle - don't punch through the card stock! Release the handle and check the embossed circle impression. If it is centered, set the cut tube over the ring and then punch all the way through. If it isn't right, adjust the position of the punch tube.

Another handy tool is a standard office hole punch. These make a clean 1/4" body tube hole, sometime used to vent off ejection charge gases.

TRIVIA: How do you think Estes punched all those holes in the old Scout kit body tubes?

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