Thursday, November 28, 2019

I Wish They Didn't Do That - Part 3, Tape Disks

Some smaller vendors supply parachute kits you assemble.
If you can tear a tape disk before making of the parachute - the tape disk will tear under the stress of the ejection charge.
If it tears, it is made of paper.

TIP: Don't apply the disk using your fingers. The oil or dirt on your fingertips can make the disk less sticky.

TIP: Replace paper disks with plastic Avery Reinforcement Disks. Be sure the package says "Permanent".
This is the 1,000 quantity package, #5720.
200 quantity packs are also available, #5729

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  1. Or use Tyvek jewelry tags as in New Way Spacemodels kits. A lifetime supply (or nearly) for less than $7: