Friday, November 1, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 8, Cutting The TTW Fin Slots

I extended the printed cut lines to give me more to align the straightedge on.

The fit of the cutting guide was good around the tube.
TIP: The engine mount is not glued in place yet. It was slipped into the tube for support while the notched are cut.
The cut lines were traced with a sharp pencil.

The base notches were cut first. These will be cleaned up later.
The inside corners were done as follows:

Look close at the upper left of the fin slot.
In the four corners I did a small punch with a sharp knife. The knife blade is flipped over and a punch slit was made from the right side joining the two cut lines.
Why do it this way? A sharp knife can get away from you and cut a longer line than you might have hoped for.

TIP: I used my aluminum angle to cut the sides. Even with this large tube diameter, the angle still helps with a straight cut.

Again, notice the engine mount in place for support. Be sure you aren't cutting into the centering rings underneath.

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