Friday, November 15, 2019

Estes Space Corps Corvette Class, #7281 Build, Part 3, Fin Details

There are four pieces of launch lugs in the kit.
Three shorter lugs are used for the fin details (guns)
The fourth is the longer 1/8" standard lug to slide down the launch rod.

Here I've slid the lugs down some Q-tips handles to brush on some seam filling with CWF. Brush it on, let dry and sand off leaving the filler in the lug seams.

Before cutting the dowel to three 2 1/2" lengths, smooth sand it. It's easier to smooth when it is still a long piece.

The dowel is cut and the ends rounded.
The dowels were sprayed with filler/primer and sanded smooth.

The dowels are held in the launch lugs with some wraps of masking tape.
TIP: After getting the right friction fit, I unrolled the tape. The tape length was about 2 3/4" long.

TIP: Before wrapping the tape, mark the center of the dowel and the tape strip. Match the center marks and wrap the tape, keeping the sides even.

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