Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cherokee Goon Build, Finished

The 12" red and white Baby Bertha parachute is a good color match.
1/4 oz. of clay was pressed into the nose cone. This one should be good up to a B6-4.
I have plenty of the Quest B6-4 engines to work through. The smaller Quest ejection charges will be fine in this short rocket.
Anybody who grew up flying the Estes classics would appreciate this Goony twist.

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  1. I started a build of the Goony Max and read that you should set the engine in the bird a bit so the engine hook remains flush with the bottom, for added stability during flight. I assume they were talking about an L tip engine hook and not the new easy release - so about 3/8th to 1/2". The added benefit of this technique would allow the Cherokee Goon to stand on it's own.