Thursday, August 15, 2013

Model Profile - 1973 Estes Catalog Alpha

This is the paint scheme I remember - from the 1973 Estes catalog.
The catalog Alpha was pictured this way for years.

In the original catalog model, that long side stripe was probably black electrical or vinyl tape.

On this recreation I used two layers of a black decal strip.
TIP: One layer of a home printed black decal can look a little translucent, especially when set down next to the fin can area spray painted black.
If you didn't go too heavy on the decal clear coats a two-layer decal can still be thin. You can lay a second decal directly over another for a more opaque trim.

This Alpha (like the 1969 themed model posted earlier) was made with the ST-9 tubes from Semroc.
While they have the same inside diameter at .976", the wall thickness is more like a BT-55 or BT-60.
The difference is so subtle nobody will ever know the difference.

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