Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cherokee Goon Build, Part 1, Parts

This isn't my idea, I wish it was.
I saw the Cherokee Goon on TRF, HERE
John Bergsmith (Boosterdude on TRF) posted the first pictures I'd seen of this Gooney.
He got the decals and fin pattern from a post from Blades HEREGo to the second post for the decal art.

I've got pieces and parts from a Baby Bertha kit, the nose cone was painted red from another project that never got finished.
The engine mount was built for pictures from the Apogee article on replaceable Kevlar.

The decal art was lifted from a Semroc (full size) Cherokee D kit. I'll redraw the decals to fit the BT-60 diameter and print up a new set.

This Cherokee Goon uses the same sized fins as the original BT-55 kit. I'll use the Semroc kit fins for a tracing pattern. EDIT: After the model was built, they could have been a little smaller!

The Baby Bertha is still one of the best deals in rocketry.
Buy it with a Hobby Lobby 40% discount coupon for $6.00.

TIP: Change out to a 18" BT-60 and make a Big Bertha - OR -
Add and 11" length of BT-60, a nose block and three BT-20 engine mount tubes and you can make a 3 engine cluster Ranger -OR-

Go to Excelsior Rocketry HERE and check out all the Goonies. Most can be made from the parts in the Baby Bertha kit, some require additional parts, usually just 3/32" balsa.

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