Saturday, August 24, 2013

Estes Constellation Finished

A real classic, available from Semroc as an X Kit.

I finally got the landing pods right this time!
I was never happy with my first attempts carving them out of balsa layers.
The white edged "1" decal looks good against the single black fin. It was worth the extra effort.

The nose cone shoulder is well hidden behind the black bands.

There are a few decals left over, some black rounded rectangles. I'll save them for another build. This model shared many of the same decals as the two-stage Shrike kit, HERE


  1. An awesome build as usual Chris. But IMO waaaaaay to much work for a few pods. :)
    All the best. And thanks for the blog!

  2. Oh come on Jeff! There's never "too much" work on a rocket that'll get banged up anyway!
    I just wanted to do a better job on the Constellation this time. The pods on my 1970s build were crap!