Monday, August 19, 2013

LAUNCH! Schoolyard Soccer Field August 18, 2013

I didn't go to the Tampa TTRA launch yesterday, I wonder how many didn't show up after the policy changes and fee increases. 
Some people get up early to fish, I get up early to launch rockets.

I'd been making repairs on models lately, these two had Kevlar shock cords replaced.
The FlisKits INTERLOPER  had a high flight for a MMX, maybe 150'. The streamer ejected and there was no damage.
I tried three different igniters to get the MMX ASP JAYHAWK in the air.
Boost phase was straight but there was some corkscrewing when in coast. The Jayhawk may have gotten 100' up.

The Quest ESCORT AS-1 had a turn with an Estes A8-3 to an estimated 275'.
Talcum powder was used on the crispy parachute.

This one landed too close to the one tree bordering the basketball courts.
Even at 7:30 a.m. the wind is starting to pick up, the launcher was moved 50 feet to the West.

This launch was in memory of Semroc's Carl McLawhorn.
It seemed appropriate to fly the Semroc LASER X. It was the second kit I made after getting back into rocketry.

According to the Semroc website, the Estes B6-4 got it up to 350'.
Full chute deploy and again drifted close to the tree, move the launcher again. 
Thanks Carl - you did good! 

Last up was the Quest RAPTOR with an Estes B6-4. The altitude seemed low after the Laser X flight, maybe 300'.
I tried to catch this one before it hit the ground. The "landing pods" always seem to break off!
Repairs, repairs repairs!

Also flown: 
Bob Harrington's downscale carded SATELLITE INTERCEPTOR with a 1/2A3-4t.
Perfect flight, lost one dowel off the outside fin.

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