Friday, August 16, 2013

Model Profile - Centuri Israli Gabriel Kit #5333

This one dates back to 1978, one of the last rockets I built before leaving the hobby.

I honestly don't remember buying this one. It's not a design I would normally buy. Back then Centuri was sending me kits for review.

On my recent trip to California it was standing on a shelf in my old bedroom. Still in good shape, it had never been launched.

For whatever reason the launch lug wasn't painted.
Those newspaper catalogs didn't really give you a good idea of the finished model colors. Blue and yellow?

For a while, Centuri was using rubber band shock cords.
As I remember, most Centuri kits used elastic. But, I could be wrong.
Here's one I couldn't figure out, a camouflage parachute.

At a club launch you've got to wait for the "all clear" to recover your models. I always look for a bright colored parachute when walking the recovery area. It's usually the first thin I see when looking for a model.
This camouflage parachute wouldn't be much help in dried grass or up in a tree.

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