Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cherokee Goon Build, Part 6, Decals

I scanned the Semroc Cherokee D decal sheet and drew up another one with some changes.
The original kit had decal wraps to fit the BT-55 tube. This Goony is BT-60 based. The roll wraps will have to be a bit wider. I eliminated the logos from the large wrap decal.

At the middle of the sheet is the missing bolts for the rebuilt Raptor.
At the bottom are the Honest Goon decals. This is another model that I'm refinishing.
The fit of the full wrap decals wasn't perfect.
I overcompensated for a small overlap and ended up with it too wide.

TIP: Put the mismatch seam (or most seams on sport models) over and in line with the launch lug. When it's on the launcher the seam will be covered up when pictures are taken. Taking a tip from Roger Smith, shoot "on the pad" pictures with the launch rod behind the model.
The wrap width will be fixed before another decal is printed.
After trimming the joint it came out better than I had thought it would.

Be careful cutting out the fin "Swoosh".
TIP: The inside angle border should be cut round to prevent tearing.

It looks like Estes had this design before Nike got the logo copyright.

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