Thursday, August 29, 2013

LAUNCH! Schoolyard, August 28, 2013

I'll be gone for the month of September, this was probably my last chance to get in a launch for a while. For August, the weather was mild, cool enough that the engine smoke was clinging to the grass after a launch.

This clone will be featured on the blog when I'm away.
The Estes MINI SHUTTLE has a first flight on an Estes A8-3.
(It's really more of a Goony style Shuttle.)
Arrow straight and full deploy of the Apogee parachute. It was recovered with no damage.
Estimated altitude 175'.

Another reason why I rarely fly boost gliders - 

The SAI MINI-BAT was launched with an Estes 1/2 A3-2t.

I did a half hour of hand thrown trim glides and added some weight to one wing so it would gently turn on a long glide back to the area. I never saw that.

It boosted to about 30 feet, did a log loop coming within 3 feet of the ground. It started to rise up again and ejected the engine. The glide lasted a second more.

WARPED flew again with an Estes A8-3 to an estimated 250'.
This was a Custom kit, the nose cone was melted and looked more like a jalapeno pepper. The body tube was zig-zag cut to match the nose cone curve.

Perfect flight, full deploy of the Custom 12" parachute.

Without a doubt, the best flight of the day.
The Estes SUPER ALPHA was up with an Estes B6-4.
Low and slow gave me the only good launch picture of the morning.
Altitude was probably about 300'.
This is how they all should land -
The rocket wasn't set down for the picture, the landing was stuck this close to the range box.

Also flowns:
FlisKits HONEST JOHN with a MMX engine.
This one just keeps on flying high. Nose blow recovery, the streamer didn't eject. Estimated 125' up.
Carded SENTINEL with a 1/2A3-4t engine. This model originally had a MMX engine mount. Who says 1/2As can't be fun? A HIGH flight to 450' and streamer recovery.

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