Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Quest/Klima Engines are Closer!

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From Bill Stine on YORF - August 12, 2011 -
So much for keeping this project "Top Secret"...
The new Klima line of motors will distributed exclusively by Quest Aerospace in North America (USA and Canada).
Details on pricing and availability are still aways off.
They will be stagable (and include booster motors) and will be available in retail stores. Of course, they will include Q2G2 igniters!
Follow the leaks from Germany, because there won't be a lot of information published by Quest until we are finished with DOT EX Numbers and NAR/CAR Testing.
These will be a Quest branded product.
This development project replaced the China one about 20 months ago... might still use the Thunderjet name for these...

From Leo Nutz on YORF - June 15, 2013 -
I'm going to bring up this old thread because it's finally happening. The new engines have all been certified and the first batch (C6-x series) have gone into production. They should be available end of July.

Another very good news for us Germans is that we are now allowed to fly model rockets with max propellant weight of 150 grams (it was 20 grams) without needing a permit
Consequently staging and cluster is now possible as well.

Here the list of all the cool engines:
The above photo is Copyright Leo Nutz

From Leo Nutz on YORF - June 16, 2013 -
6 engines per package
For comparison:
6 German C6-5 cost 10.90 Euros = $14.55
3 Estes C6-5 cost 9.90 Euros = $13.21

From Leo Nutz on YORF - August 6, 2013 -
"Well, some of the "C" line engines became available last week just in time for one of our bigger rocket events held in Manching Germany.
To make it short:
These have got to be the sweetest engines I have ever held in my hands.
They completely outclass BP engines, have a sweet sound and hardly leave any residue at the aft end or through ejection charge.
I'm going to get rid of all my BP engines ASAP and will only fly the Klima engines from now on."

Thanks for all the updates Leo! We look forward to these engines arriving in the U.S.
Stop by Leo's Leisure Site at :
It's a great resource!

On TRF August 14, Oliver from Germany reported:
"About 10 days ago, I was very happy to pick up a parcel with the first batch of the new Klima engines. Klima recently got CE mark for all his 18 mm motors: A6-4, B4-0, B4-4, C2-0, C2-P, C6-0, C6-3, C6-5, C6-7, C6-P, D3-0, D3-P, D9-0, D9-3, D9-5, D9-P and started manufacturing C-types in July (the rest will follow in August).
The engines are looking very neat, solid nozzles and smooth casings. Different to most BP engines, there is lot of space in the casings left: Almost 3 cm in the case of C6-5 or 3!"

Check out the Klima C6-5 page HERE
Remember - these engines are not black powder, but a composite propellant.



  2. Hi Michael,
    Quest and Aerotech merged and no one has heard any more news on the Klima import engines. The merger could have changed the plans for Klima engines being sold through Quest.
    Right now, many of the Quest Chinese made engines and Q2G2 igniters are out of stock.

    1. Hey Chris, Any new info on the Klima motors. If Aerotech is not going to bring these motors to the US it will be a major bummer. By the way, where have you been hiding out? Mike Young , TAMPA TRIPOLY ROCKETRY .

  3. Hi Michael,
    I haven't heard anything on the Klima motors! Who knows where it now stands.
    I don't get to the Tampa launches much anymore. There aren't enough working LPR pads to take care of everybody wanting to use them. I wish they would maintain the equipment for the LPR fliers.