Thursday, August 22, 2013

Estes Constellation Build Part 15, Payload Tube Painting

The face card shows the upper and lower ends of the clear payload tube painted black.
The black paint will cover up the balsa shoulders on the nose cone and nose block.
On the left is the line mask using the marker drawn Scotch tape.
The center was covered with masking tape.
It's hard to see the exposed clear tube ends, you can see the reflected light on the upper right.
Small pieces of masking tape are in the top and bottom, sticky side out.
Two rolled up pieces of paper (yes, those are Sudoku puzzles) were stuck in ends.

After the tape was pulled, here's what I was shooting for.

The black paint just covers the exposed balsa shoulders.
The clear payload tube plastic accepts the spray paint very well.

Easy red mask -
Tape the shoulder of the nose cone and paint it gloss red.
Instant, sharp color separation.

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