Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Model Profile, 1969 Estes Catalog Alpha

I've just finished a recreation of the Estes Alpha from the 1969 catalog.
This was in the first rocket catalog I'd seen.
This Estes catalog "picture" is a heavily airbrushed illustration.

TRIVIA: The Estes Alpha was (supposedly) the first model to incorporate the "Quick Change Engine Hook".

One of the easier builds, the decal drawing took the most time.
I had to guess some of the coloring, but I think this might be real close.
The fins are air foiled, an old Estes logo decal is above the red stripe on the launch lug side.
The black stripes at the top and bottom are thin vinyl. The black decals I printed weren't opaque enough to cover the vertical red stripes.
In the picture on the left the vertical red stripe doesn't look centered. It is centered, the camera angle makes it look a bit off.

I didn't use BT-50 tubing, this one got the ST-9 tubing for a much stronger model.
An old style engine hook was used. A Kevlar line is attached to an elastic shock cord.
I'll add one of the new/old Estes parachutes for a vintage feel.
Even though this wasn't built "stock" it captures the catalog image.

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