Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cherokee Goon Build, Part 4, Assembly

Here's the engine mount with the replaceable Kevlar loop around the rear centering ring.
This was an earlier example where I used a launch lug as a tunnel for the Kevlar. You should use a smaller plastic tube from a cheap Q-Tip. A smaller tube won't allow as much of the ejection charge to escape out the back. This lug should be okay, though.

A TIP I picked up when building the Sirius Interrogator -  

Before gluing in the mount, set it beside the main air frame body tube to gauge the Kevlar length.
The loop (elastic tie point) should be just below the upper body tube lip.

The fins were sprayed with gray primer filler off the model.
The root edges were taped off for a better gluing and fillet edge.
Jumping Ahead:
Most construction is pretty standard. Here the fins have been glued on and fillets applied using Titebond Molding and Trim Glue.

TIP: Take a close look at the top of the root edge where it ends at the body tube. There is always some "glue boogers" at that point. Using Titebond M&TG you can be as careful as you can and they will still show up.

Titebond M&TG can be sanded fairly easily, white glues don't sand well.
To sand in the fillet ares, wrap some 400 grit around the end of a Q-tip for a rounded, cushioned sanding tool.

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