Thursday, August 15, 2013

Estes Constellation Build Part 7, Fin Airfoil

The old Estes instructions tell you to airfoil the fins. That rounded tip on the rear root edge could be a problem. Sand it down to a sharp taper and you run the risk of it easily breaking off.
The fin drawing in the instructions show a shading that suggests the shape penciled in at the right. This leaves the tip at the 3/32" thickness.

The end of the outside edge pod will be replaced so it was cut off now.
It's hard to see the trailing edge taper on the light balsa wood.
The leading and trailing edges were marked with an old, half dried out Sharpie pen.
You don't want a heavy black ink to soak into the balsa! In the end the black ink will be sanded off. Any remaining ink might show through the white paint.
When marking an edge like this, draw the line quickly allowing very little ink to color the balsa.

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